~ Purple & blue shampoos! ~

Pigmented shampoo acts the way a toner would. They help counteract that yellow/brassy tone that was pulled from high lifting your hair from blonde or warm brown tones that need to be cooled down.

It's recommended when washing your hair twice a week, use the purple shampoo only once a week to keep the hair bright and fresh looking.

Pigmented shampoo can also be mixed with regular shampoo to add some of the violet or blue pigment into a regular hair cleansing routine without any risk of deposing the shampoo pigment.

We at Amici's recommend using a pigmented shampoo in replacement of your regular shampoo on the days you choose to wash your hair.

If you choose to shampoo twice in your routine - we would recommend using your everyday shampoo for your first wash, then for your second wash, you would use your pigmented shampoo.

Keep in mind that a pigmented shampoo is only a temporary fix and is meant to used as an upkeep product to help control your desired tones. ✨💕🍃