Parting Ways with Your Part

Have you been wearing your hair parted in the middle pretty much your whole life? Or maybe your hair parts on the right side automatically and you have never even thought about switching it up.  After having the same hair part for however many years, it just becomes a routine. We develop routines for a reason, but that doesn’t mean it hurts to change things up.

There are a few reasons why you should change the part of your hair, the most obvious one is to create a new style. Switching from a middle part to a side part (or vice versa) can completely switch up your entire look! It’s like giving yourself a whole new makeover in 10 seconds. Not only will it create a new hairstyle, but it can also change the look of your face.

Celebrity examples of how changing your hair part can give you a completely new look!

Changing your part doesn’t just give you a makeover, it is good for your hair. By always wearing the same part, you are wearing down the hair in that area and causing damage. Our hair is constantly going through a cycle of growth, falling out, and regrowth. The hair around the part falls out more frequently due to the fact you are styling it more, pulling at the hairs and they are exposed to the elements. Those pesky hairs that pop up despite your effort to tame them with hairspray, gel, or a flat iron may be breakage and no regrowth. By switching things up and parting your hair the other way you are giving your roots the chance to be upright and breathe. This also gives your more ‘dominant side’ or the side you usually spend more time styling a break from the heat. Not to mention switching sides can give your hair a major volume boost.

Sometimes flipping your part is easier said than done. Every night before bed, dampen your hair at the roots, then part it where you want it and brush into place. The style in a low ponytail or braid. You can even spritz on a finishing spray for added hold. Repeat this ritual every night for one week. By then, your new part should be falling into place on its own.

How to make a quick part change up!


So, there you have it not only will parting ways with your part give you a whole new look it will improve the health and integrity of your hair!