The Art of Consultation

Are you thinking about getting your hair colored? Maybe it's your first time, or maybe you are thinking of doing a total makeover and you just don’t know where to start. Rest assured – at Amici’s we have talented stylists that specialize in color and are here to create your hair dreams into reality.

The consultation you have with your stylist is the key to achieving your hair goals. It is important to have a good, thorough consultation with your stylist so you are both on the same page and your stylist has an understanding of your vision.  

STEP 1: Talk about YOU. The more your stylist knows about you, the better. What is your daily routine like? How much time do you take out of your day to do your hair? Maybe you are someone that is a wash and go kind of person. Or maybe you love to spend your time in the morning curling and perfecting your hair. Do you have to wear your hair to work a certain way? The more your stylist knows about what you do with your hair on an everyday basis, the better they can create your perfect look. This goes not only for the color but for the cut as well.

STEP 2: PICTURES, PICTURES, PICTURES. I cannot express how important it is to bring in your inspiration to your stylist. Your hairdresser is probably pretty great, but he/she does not have superpowers and they can not read your mind! By bringing in pictures, your stylist can visualize what you are imagining for yourself. But remember, make sure you both are thinking of the same thing when you say “honey-blonde”. Which leads to the next step…

STEP 3: Ask questions. If you hear a hair term you are unfamiliar with, don’t hesitate to ask your stylist to explain. There are no dumb hair questions, your stylist has gone to school to learn these things and there is no shame in asking as many questions as needed. It is important to ask about maintenance, how often you will have to come back to get touch-ups, or what you can do at home to maintain the color between salon visits.

STEP 4: Know your history and TELL YOUR STYLIST. It is very important to express to your stylist the last time you did a box dye at home. Or even the last time you got highlights at a salon. Maybe you had a bad experience with a flat iron and your hair is still just growing back healthy. The more your stylist knows the better so than there will be no surprises for either of you.

STEP 5: Trust your stylist. Your stylist is an expert and does hair for that exact reason. He/she will take your desired result, your hair’s current condition, and your skin tone to come up with a custom color made perfectly for you.

At Amici’s, our experienced stylists do everything they can to make your hair goals reality. These five simple steps can be used to make it easier on yourself and your stylist to achieve the fashion-forward and dream look you are going for!