The Classic Hot Shave

Experiencing a Hot Shave is one of the best ways a man can relax. There’s something quite unique about having a traditional wet shave while reclined in the comfort of a Barber´s chair. The steaming hot towels, the open blade carried by a highly-skilled barber often makes it feel as though a different era is being ushered in. The tradition of a “Hot Shave” has been revived over the past few years and represents a mans increasing need for a quiet space where all of his grooming needs can be realized.


Amici’s shave service is a four-step process which includes hot towels between each step. We start with a hot towel which opens the pores and softens the facial hair. We then apply a facial scrub to cleanse the face of dirt and oil. After, we apply a pre-shave treatment that provides a warming barrier for the blade to glide easily, and it also moisturizes the skin. Now the shave; using a badger hair brush, the cream is applied to the skin using a circular motion. This technique helps prevent ingrown hairs, a battle many men have. To finish, we apply a refreshing post shave balm and gently massage it into the skin as you sit back and relax for a couple of minutes with an invigorating cold towel to close the pores. All of the products we use are rated top 5 and have been featured in GQ and Men’s Health magazines.

Our goal is to have you leaving the salon feeling masculine, super refreshed, and rocking baby soft skin. This also makes an exceptional gift for either a loved one or a friend.