The Classic Hot Shave

Experiencing a Hot Shave is one of the best ways a man can relax. There’s something quite unique about having a traditional wet shave while reclined in the comfort of a Barber´s chair. The steaming hot towels, the open blade carried by a highly-skilled barber often makes it feel as though a different era is being ushered in. The tradition of a “Hot Shave” has been revived over the past few years and represents a mans increasing need for a quiet space where all of his grooming needs can be realized.


Amici’s shave service is a four-step process which includes hot towels between each step. We start with a hot towel which opens the pores and softens the facial hair. We then apply a facial scrub to cleanse the face of dirt and oil. After, we apply a pre-shave treatment that provides a warming barrier for the blade to glide easily, and it also moisturizes the skin. Now the shave; using a badger hair brush, the cream is applied to the skin using a circular motion. This technique helps prevent ingrown hairs, a battle many men have. To finish, we apply a refreshing post shave balm and gently massage it into the skin as you sit back and relax for a couple of minutes with an invigorating cold towel to close the pores. All of the products we use are rated top 5 and have been featured in GQ and Men’s Health magazines.

Our goal is to have you leaving the salon feeling masculine, super refreshed, and rocking baby soft skin. This also makes an exceptional gift for either a loved one or a friend.



Lash Perm and Tint


Call it an optical illusion. Curled lashes look longer and fuller compared to very straight ones. This can give your eyes a more youthful look. For women experiencing drooping eyelids, having an eyelash perm will create a wide eyed, more awake appearance. Lash perming is a very simple process. A silicon pad is placed on your eyelid, with an adhesive solution painted on the pad, your lashes are folded over onto the pad which forms the curled look. Next, perming lotions will be applied to your lashes, and you will wait for it to process. At the end, you will achieve beautifully curled lashes. Your morning routine will be much quicker since there will be no need to use a lash curler. The perm will last 3-6 weeks depending on your lashes, but you will not be able to resist going back and getting it redone. Longer, fuller, youthful looking eyes… how could you go wrong? Make your life easier, and feel more confident about your lashes with just a simple process.


It even gets better… adding a lash tint will enhance the look even more. Say goodbye to mascara, your eyelashes will be as black as can be with no effort in the morning. This also helps give the illusion of longer, fuller looking lashes with absolutely no effort. Lash tinting is a very safe process, that is okay for people with sensitive eyes. The beautician will place special stickers around your eye to protect your skin and eyes from the dye. The dye is applied carefully to your top and bottom lashes, it will sit on for a few minutes then be removed. This is not a permanent solution, but it will last 3-6 weeks depending on how fast your lashes grow.


Women who regularly get their lashes tinted and permed experience many benefits. If your lashes are naturally blonde, getting them dyed will create a much more dramatic look for your eyes. The best part is that the benefit is around the clock. Unlike mascara that you must apply every morning, be careful not to smudge, and wash off at night… with dyed lashes you wake up looking as if you’ve already applied makeup. Curling your lashes is apart of many women morning makeup routine, with a lash perm you can wake up looking wide eyed and awake even on those early mornings with no effort. Lash tinting and perming is great for women who have a busy life style. Whether you’re busy taking care of the kids, spend lots of time swimming or playing sports its likely you barely wear mascara or have time to curl your lashes, with your lashes tinted and already curled you can achieve that look without taking up a ton of your time. Make your life easier, enhance your eyes and feel confident with absolutely no effort.



Olaplex Treatment

Olaplex isn’t just another hair conditioning treatment, instead it is a system that permanently rebuilds the damaged bonds in your hair that are broken during the chemical process. If you are the person who has over bleached your hair over many years, Olaplex will allow you to rebuild the strength, structure and integrity of your hair. This system has also allowed stylist to use bleach over bleach without the worry of damaging the client’s hair. A lot of clients will come in asking for a picture, right away the stylist will notice how much they will have to over process to achieve the image. Olaplex allows that stylist to keep the client happy without damaging their hair.


                Two Salon Steps One Too Take Home

This simple three step process includes an active ingredient that works on a molecular level to seek out broken bonds in the hair that are caused by chemical, thermal and mechanical damage.

No.1 Bond Multiplier: Beginning the rebuilding.  This concentrated first salon step rebuilds broken disulfide damage and repairing the hair. The bond multiplier can be put into your color/bleach and applied to your hair. Amici’s uses Redken color and bleach with our olaplex and we receive excellent results.

No.2 Bond Perfetor: Pursuing Hair Perfection. The second salon step continues to rebuild and restore any remaining broken bonds ensuring the strongest, shiniest an healthiest hair possible. This is put onto the hair after the color/bleach is rinsed out and it is left on for awhile to really get the most out of the chemical mending.

No.3 Hair Perfector: This final retail step provides the clients continuous protection from ongoing damage at home. Most stylists will recommend you use this once a week. Apply to damp hair, comb through for an even distribution and leave on for a minimum ten minutes at home before washing as normal. If you want to maximize the effect, leave it on overnight and wash your hair like normal in the morning.





Bio Sculpture Gel 


Women LOVE long, beautiful and healthy nails. Not all women are lucky enough to be blessed with strong natural nails that dont break… that is when bio sculpture gel nails come to the rescue. A simple nail system that has been giving women the long, strong and gorgeous nails they dream of for 25 years now. In 1997, Canada was only the third country where bio sculpture products could be purchased.


                Bio sculpture is now available in 40 countries and has consistently led the market in innovation since its inception bringing to the market the first colour gel, soak off gel and gel nail. The growth of bio sculpture has been incredible and it continues to grow because of its immaculate benefits and qualities. It is the first company in its class to have undergone a stringent independent clinical research trial and received a FIVE STAR SAFETY RATING. This being said, Bio sculpture is free of 5 very common harmful chemicals including: DBP, toluene, formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin and camphor. The completely natural, vegan product actual strengthens and protects your natural nails. The simple soak- off removal leaves your natural nail in the original or improved condition. It is applied with minimal buffing and no primers or bonders so there is no de-hydration of the natural nail.

                Layers of gel are applied to the natural nail and cured under an LED light. The nails are dry to touch after they are cured. The gel is very flexible and durable. The bio sculpture gel can be used to sculpt and shape natural nails in order to lengthen existing nail or enhance their natural shape. There is over 150 gel colors to choose from as well as many manicure and pedicure luxury spa products, nail treatments and accessories.

                The after care of bio sculpture is very simple. Whether you are cleaning the house or spending the day outside gardening, wearing gloves can protect your nails from dehydrating detergents or harmful bleaches. Its important to wash your hands after applying spf and being in chlorine to keep your nails in the best shape.


                Thus being said Bio sculpture gel is the proven leader in appearance, health, durability, simplicity and the ease of removal. 


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